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Proxy Checker Pro 7.4

A program for testing various types of proxy servers
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If you need a proxy checking program that is powerful enough to check and test numerous types of proxies, test mailing support and relay blocklists, as well as conduct locations, IP addresses and host names, the Proxy Checker Pro may be the one you are looking for. This program gets the proxy information you need fast. As soon as the program launches, it conducts a pretest, the results of which are displayed in the text box at the bottom of its neat and easy to navigate interface. Down the window you can check the tests you want and deselect those that you don't. Clicking on the 'Mark to Test' button prompts the program to launch a window where you can select testing choices for HTTP or SOCKS proxies, select all the proxies in your list and input the timescale or range for them. Your proxy lists can be imported or exported or you can paste them in by simply right clicking on the listing window. From the options menu, you can select 'Whois' to open the whois options window where you can select the proxy types you are interested in and set cache expiry days for them. The Pro version of Proxy Checker allows 2048 threads compared to 128 in the Personal edition and it can test a proxy's mailing ability and response times. The program's fast and improved testing mechanism can easily detect the version of protocol of SOCKS proxies and work its way through the SOCKS firewall.
The Pro version is commercial, so to test the program you can download the trial version of the Personal edition, which does not have some features of Proxy Checker Pro.

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